The National History Museum of Romania

Muzeul National de Istorie a României

The National History Museum of Romania, inaugurated in 1972, is one of the representative institutions of the Romanian culture. The museum is housed in a building, which is a historical monument, named “Palatul Poştelor” (The Post-Office Palace). It is located in the area of the Old Historical Centre of Bucharest. The building was raised according to architect Al. Săvulescu’s (1847-1902) plans between 1894- 1899.  His source of inspiration was the Palace of the Federal Post-Office of Geneva.

Today the National History of Romania   has a rich patrimony ( including over 650,000 pieces, a number that keeps increasing every year, some of them being remarkable objects) organized  in the following collections: pottery, lapidarium – tegularium , numismatics, philately, medals-seals, jewels, manuscripts, printed works, plastic arts, decorative art, historical photographs, engravings, maps, metal, weapons and equipment, textiles and furniture.

Over 3,000 wonderful pieces (some of them unique exhibits) are displayed in the Historical Treasure. They are made of precious metals and stones and belonged to some ancient civilizations, who settled- throughout   time- on the present territory of our country. There are pieces that stand for the past events and activity of some historical personalities.

The permanent exhibition Lapidarium is organized in a special construction built at the end of the ‘60s of the 20th century, so that the life-size copy of the base of Trajan’s Column as well as the relief copies of this exceptional monument of Antiquity could be exhibited. Epigraphic and architectural monuments dating from Antiquity and Medieval Ages are displayed chronologically, such as civil monuments (inscriptions, decrees, and honorary monuments), religious ones (funerary and votive monuments), sculptures as well as decorative and architectural elements.

The collections of the National History Museum of Romania stand for a valuable mobile patrimony that is representative for the significant periods of the Romanian people’s past.

At present the National History Museum of Romania presents two great permanent exhibitions – The Historical Treasure, Lapidarium-The Copy of Trajan’s Column- and temporary exhibitions in the Central Hall.

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