History Museum of Bielefeld

Historisches Museum Bielefeld

The Museum of History tells the story of Bielefeld and the surrounding area from the city’s foundation in 1214 to the present day in a vivid and lively way. The museum is undergoing a reorganisation over the next few years, starting with the opening of the new Middle Ages section in 2014.

The focus of the exhibition remains the history of industrialisation in and around Bielefeld. The museum itself is housed in one of the principal starting-points of that development, the restored buildings of the former Ravensberg Spinning Mill. In that setting, original machinery and products from the main branches of industry – such as the famous Bielefeld sewing machines and bicycles, and products made by the firm of Dr. Oetker – along with artefacts of working-class culture and the middle classes illustrate the working methods and lifestyles of the city’s population.

The Museum of History also hosts special exhibitions from time to time. These look at historical aspects in greater detail and focus on current topics using modern methods and display techniques.

Exhibitions and events

Ansichtssache. Bielefeld-Bilder vom 17. Jahrhundert bis zur Gegenwart

Temporary exhibition until 02.10.2022

Im Gegensatz zu anderen alten westfälischen Städten wie Dortmund, Münster oder Soest hatte Bielefeld Jahrhunderte lang keine große politische oder wirtschaftliche Bedeutung. Entsprechend selten und...

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