Železniki Museum

Muzej Železniki

The museum collection in Železniki is managed by the Public Institution of Ratitovec. It is located in an ironworker’s house from the first half of the 17th century – the so-called Plavec House.

The ground-floor displays the iron working section where the 600-year-old history of iron working is presented. Every step of the process is put on display – from digging, transporting and melting of the iron ore, working of the raw iron into iron semi-products, to creating final products in the forge.

The first floor hosts the wood processing section and presents activities and crafts which developed as accompaniments to the iron working process. Collections of cooperage, charcoal “cooking”, saw milling and production of “skrilj” coverings also include original tools and models.

The second floor contains collections presenting a more general history of the area: beginnings and development of lacery and numerous associations; collection of the Liberation Front in the Selška dolina Valley; and France Koblar Memorial Room.

Also on display is a monument of technical heritage – a smelting furnace located in front of the museum.

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