Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina

Muzej savremene umetnosti Vojvodine

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina in Novi Sad is an open, efficient and highly professional institution with the mission to collect, preserve, exhibit, interpret and promote the artistic heritage of the contemporary art and culture in Vojvodina and region.

Museum activities that encourage debate, exchange and collaboration, strive to create a dialogue in an environment that identifies the issues of the modern and contemporary art while being accessible to the audiences of all ages. Since its establishment, the main role of the Museum has been to collect and preserve the contemporary artworks of the outstanding quality. Although the quality remains the undisputed primary selection criteria for the artworks exhibited in the Museum, we have also recognized the need to take bigger role in education. That is the reason why we aim to build an art collection, composed not only of the first-rate works of art, but the one that represents the unique and complete study of modern tendencies in all visual art mediums.

Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina as a regional centre for contemporary art in South-Eastern Europe.

The conceptualization and presentation of contemporary art scene in Vojvodina, Serbia, ex-Yugoslavia and Europe, which corresponds to international art movements of the 20th and 21st century and indicates the complexity of Vojvodina cultural identities.

The Museum devotes special attention to the multicultural model of society and culture in Vojvodina, using it as a base for building relations with other cultures – Hungarian, Slovakian, Romania, Ruthenian, and German. Building the art collection dedicated to the artworks produced during the 20th and 21st century in Vojvodina and Serbia and presentation of the essential correspondence between the art of Vojvodina, Serbia, ex-Yugoslavia, Central Europe and international art scene; Protecting the artistic heritage of Vojvodina in accordance with the global standards for the preservation and protection of museum collections and holdings; building archive with materials and documentation concerning contemporary art history; conducting historical and theoretical studies of contemporary art in Vojvodina, Serbia, ex-Yugoslavia and further, and publishing capital editions of the art monographs; In the methodological sense, the Museum produces historical exhibitions in parallel with themed exhibitions; Continuously creating influential centre open for exhibitions, information and creativity, competent to participate in local, regional and international art exchange and cooperation; The Museum is open to different forms of institutional and professional cooperation with related institutions in region and Europe; Realization of activities related to education and promotion of knowledge and understanding of contemporary art, as well as further education of Art Academy students, experts and professionals in the field of contemporary art.

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