Museum of Macedonia

Музеј на Македонија

Macedonia’s long and legendary history has been carefully preserved in its museums, the most important one being in Skopje. The Archaeological Museum takes the tourist on a journey through the millennia, from the Neolithic Age, the Bronze and the Iron Ages, the Classical and the Hellenic Periods, all the way through to the Roman, Slavic, Byzantine and Turkish Periods.

The Historical Museum gives a chronological overview of Macedonian history throughout the centuries up to the National War of Liberation.

The Ethnographic Museum offers thematically displayed set of items.

Finally, the Natural History Museum showcases many examples of the indigenous and sometimes odd flora and fauna found throughout Macedonia.

Apart from their permanent exhibitions, Macedonia’s museums organize temporary exhibitions as well as other appealing events with featuring gift shops where tourists can purchase certified replicas of Macedonian icons, booklets and other souvenirs.

In addition to the major museums established in Skopje, smaller museums and archives with their own unique collections can also be found in many beautiful Macedonian towns.

Permanent exhibitions:

Archaeology: from the Paleolithic Period 10.000 BC to the 14th c. A.D; settling of the Slavs, 6th c. A.D to 1945.

Ethnology: folk costumes, jewelry, traditional architecture, textiles, crafts, economy, customs and traditional musical instruments – history of art exhibition of fresco-replicas, Lapidarium - stone monuments exhibition in Kurshumli Inn, Icon Gallery 14th - 19th century icons exhibition.

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Exhibitions and events

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Educational programs

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