Regional Museum of Pljevlja

Zavičajni muzej Pljevlja

The Regional Museum in Pljevlja was opened in 1953. The museum premises consist of several rooms of the Centre for Culture in Pljevlja. The richness and diversity of holdings imposes the need for finding the proper premises to meet the basic requirements of modern museums.

The Museum holds, collects, processes and presents museum items from the area of Pljevlja. The holdings have been classified into several collections: archaeological, ethnographic, historic, numismatic and artistic.

Valuable items from the archaeological collection illustrate the significance of archaeological sites in the area. The items found at the site of Medena stijena (rocks in the Ćehotina River Canyon) are of particular importance. The items found in this site belong to the cultures of early Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Copper and Bronze Age. The stone tools from the oldest layers of Medena stijena show certain similarities with the excavations at Franchti Cave in Argolid Gulf in Greece. The items from Medena stijena and several more natural shelters in the Canyon of Ćehotina River prove that this area of Montenegro was intensively inhabited during late Pleistocene. There are also remnants of an ancient town known among scientists as the

Municipium S… Based on the displayed epigraphic monuments, it may be presumed that this town existed in 150 BC. The monuments from this site are particularly interesting and significant for comprehending the development of the Roman art, here intermingled with the local, Illyrian- Celtic tradition.

The Ethnographic Department holds over 1,000 items representative of the material and spiritual culture of the local population. Valuable old costumes, embroidery, jewellery, weapons and items with pronounced artistic features, reflect well-developed craftsmanship.

The Historic Department houses the items related to the Balkan Wars and World War One and Two.

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