Run Run Shaw Library, City University of Hong Kong

Introduction of LHRC Project

The treasures of knowledge from the past and cultural heritage are still and always waiting for the next generation to discover. The problem is that more effort is needed to develop students’ self-motivation in using print or digital archival collections from Gallery, Library, Archive, Museum and Records (GLAMR). The Lighthouse Heritage Research Connections (LHRC), a library-led service-learning project at City University of Hong Kong, see their niche as offering a superior way of knowledge discovery for students in all types of academic disciplines for their respective research interests and projects. As a key link, the collaboration in LHRC project focused on not only achieving the objective of addressing the need to increase student and staff participation in activities that preserve and appraise traditional cultural heritage, but also focused on inspiring students to engage with archival collections in a connective way with different media and community-related activities. So far, LHRC had five accomplished projects about the lighthouses in Hong Kong, Matsu, Penghu and Macau. With the establishment of this kind of connection, our heritage can pass from generation to generation.

Curatorial Statement

The importance of a lighthouse is to mark a navigational danger or vital reference point visible to sailors. The light source is one significant part of a lighthouse, which called the lamp. There were also the lighthouse keepers who played a vital role in assuring the light luminous. With the rapid development of science and technology in the 21st century, how a lighthouse functions in the context of modern society where everything is automated and heavily relied on GPS based guidance is to be queried. Thus, this project aims to strengthen the audience’s understanding of human geography through nautical knowledge; to enhance the audience’s visiting experience and have more interaction with lighthouse by using new media technology; and inspire audience’s engagement with archival collections in discovery, innovation and community-related activities through the links of three lighthouses in Malacca, Matsu and Penghu. For these purpose, a workshop conducting by three student-teams, talking about the lighthouses in Malacca, Matsu and Penghu, will be held along with interesting activities jointly convey the links of lighthouses and communities. Visitors have chance to experience the C.A.V.E. to observe the lighthouses in virtual reality. In this Hyperconnected Museums event, this project will help more people to discover the joy of looking at the history of lighthouse and story of lighthouse keepers in a conjunctive way. Also, visitors are encouraged to unlock their passion and creativity in such activity and discussion.

Other venues

Educational programs

《自然與詩心》Nature and Poetic Mind


科學與藝術 — 中韓學生書法大賽(首爾2020)邀請參賽通知 Science and Art – Korean and Chinese Students Calligraphy Competition with Multimedia Creation Exhibition (Seoul 2020) The Run Run Shaw Library in collaboration with...

遐邇貫珍的西學東漸 - 燈塔


主題演講: 「遐邇貫珍的西學東漸 -  燈塔」 特邀嘉賓: 黃天教授 香港城市大學LHRC項目海事交通史專家 Location: User Education Room, Run Run Shaw Library

Evolution of Recording Mediums for Xiyu Pagoda Lighthouse 文献载体的變化潮流:以西屿灯塔为例


Time: 5:30pm – 6:00pm Place: The Exhibition Area outside the Si Ku Quan Shu Reading Room, Run Run Shaw Library. The Guest: Mr. Shie IngShing (Tunghai University Library) Highlight of Exhibition...

Workshop and Seminar: Lights in Time


Venue:  User Education Room, Run Run Shaw Library Time: 18/05/2018(Fri)10:00 – 12:00; 15:00 – 16:30 Part 1  Workshop and Seminar 10:00 – 11:00       「活字印刷小體驗」工作坊 ...

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