Military Museum of Sevilla

Museo Histórico Militar de Sevilla


Located in the monumental Plaza de España in Seville that housed the Iberoamerican Exhibit in 1929, the Museum belongs to the network of museums of the Spanish Ministry of Defense.  It goal is to acquire, conserve, research and exhibit collections of historical, artistic, scientific and technical items of military activity serving as a link between the history and culture of defense.

Inaugurated in 1992, the museum underwent a major transformation in 2000 to add the upper and ground floors and the service areas necessary to the administration and functioning of the museum. The results allows the visitor to see the original structure of the building, an original and advanced concept of Aníbal González the architect of the Plaza de España. The Museum possesses an exhibit space of 2036 square meters on its three floors and allows the exhibit of the nearly 3500 artifacts of the museum.  The collections of the museum come from various sources.  They tell of the history, the art, the industrial development and the relation of Andalusia with the Army.

Exhibitions and events

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Educational programs



Curso de Heráldica general y militar en el Museo Histórico Militar de Sevilla (España). Workshop on Heraldry, in Military Museum of Seville (Spain).

Introductory course on Vexilology, Heraldry, Uniforms and Arms (second edition).


Introductory course (short series of lectures) on Vexilology, Heraldry, Uniforms and Arms, with practical lessons.

Guided tours for group visits


Free guided tours to know the Museum collections. Every month, but August. Reservation required.


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