Sanqin, Shaanxi province is one of the important areas where Chinese nation lived and multiplied; it is also one of the places of the birth and development of Chinese civilization. It was the capital of 13 most glorious dynasties including Zhou, Qin, Han, Tang and so on. The rich cultural legacy and profound cultural heritage formed the Shaanxi unique historical cultural features. Shaanxi History Museum, known as “ancient capital pearl, Chinese treasure house”, is an artistic hall which displays Shaanxi history, culture and Chinese ancient civilization.


Shaanxi History Museum is located in the northwest of the Xi’an Wild Goose Pagoda. It was built in 1983 and was open on June 20, 1991. Shaanxi History Museum is China’s first large-scale modern national museum; it marks that China’s museum career has entered into a new development mileage. The Museum has the style of Tang dynasty buildings of “central palace hall with four worship houses around” with orderly, harmonious, vigorous and grave construction, melting the national tradition, local characteristics and the spirit of time into an organic whole. The Museum covers an area of 65,000 square meters. It has a building area of 55,600 square meters, the cultural relic reservoir area of 8,000 square meters, and exhibition hall area of 11,000 square meters. Its collection of cultural relics reaches 370,000, dating from the simple stone that human used at the initial stage in ancient times down to all kinds implements in social life before 1840; the time span covers more than one million years. The cultural relics are rich in number and types and have high grade and wide value, among which Shang bronze is exquisite; terracotta figurines of past dynasties are of varied types and postures; gold and silver ware of Han and Tang Dynasty is unique across the country; wall paintings of Tang tomb have no equals in this world. It is called a collection of variety of boutiques carnival.


Shaanxi History Museum is a comprehensive history museum. Since its opening, it gives full play to the advantages of cultural relics. Adhering to the principle of “effective protections, reasonable use, strengthen management”, collection, scientific research, education and publicity are combined into an organic whole; a variety of forms of display and exhibitions are held. The basic displays, exhibition of special subject, and temporary exhibition complement each other and add radiance to each other, revealing rich cultural connotations of historical relics to a broad audience from multiple perspectives and sides and unfolding broad and profound civilization of Chinese nation. At the same time, with the opening attitude to go out of the country, the Museum will present splendid Chinese civilization and the brilliant Shaanxi culture to the people throughout the world.


As one of the first confirmed China “4A” class tourist attractions, Shaanxi History Museum, with its superior display, beautiful environment, high quality service, good order and unique charm, attracted numerous Chinese and foreign guests to visit it . It has become an important window for spreading Chinese excellent culture and cross-cultural communication. In the 21st century, the cultural hall with essence of Shaanxi cultural relics will be full of vitality and vigor and make more contribution to material and spiritual civilization.

Exhibitions and events

Permanent exhibition

Permanent exhibition

The First Exhibition Hall & The Second Exhibition Hall & The Third Exhibiton Hall

Educational programs

Pop-up museum educational program


Date: May 18,2016 Address: Shaanxi History Museum public square


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