Museum Siam

The Museum Siam operated by National Discovery Museum Institute (NDMI) is a special unit under the Office of the Knowledge Management and Development.  It was established on 18 June 2005 to manage the construction of an avant-garde learning environment that truly enhances creativity; to promote, support and cooperate with local museum partners in order to provide knowledge to the general public; and to promote and create the appropriate museum knowledge for Thai society by establishing quality and standards of efficiency in the learning process in Thailand.

Museum Siam is the first national discovery museum and a new age museum for today’s learning generation.  It aims to provide a fresh, living museum experience by encouraging visitors to think and making them curious to learn and to question.  Particularly, it focuses on the interaction between the exhibition and visitors since this will lead to endless new discoveries. 

The Museum Siam strives to become a centre of learning for pleasure and create a new concept and image of the “Modern Museum” of Thailand that fosters opportunities in knowledge building and develops creativity and innovation outside school.  It offers learning of Thai history with fun by allowing visitors to play interactively with cutting edge multi-media technology.

The Museum of Siam presents a permanent exhibition called “The Accounts of Thailand” featuring the long history of Thailand to enable visitors to realise and learn about the thousand-year-old riddles of Suvarnabhumi, the factors contributing to the golden era of Siam and the various conditions affecting it before becoming Thailand as it is today.  The visitors will finally discover important answers for questions like “Who are we?” and “What is the meaning of Thainess?”

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