Magical World of Molluscs

Čarobni svet školjk

We invite you to visit the exhibition entitled Magical World of Molluscs that will take you deep below the ocean's surface to meet creatures of such shapes and patterns that they would make architects green with envy. 

See the shell of the world's biggest snail, the shells of snails that are so rare that only chieftains on faraway islands were allowed to carry them, shiny shells that once held such great value that they could even be used to buy slaves, clams with breathtaking patterns, pearls... 

You cannot even imagine the kinds of wonderful creatures that you can find at the bottom of the ocean!

Molluscs and snails are among the oldest groups of animals on our planet. They evolved into so many incredible forms, acquired so many varied patterns and grew to such immense sizes that it is sometimes hard to believe that some of them are related to the common garden snail most people are familiar with.

Many more surprises await you at the Magical World of Molluscs, including Slinko – our very own adorable and smart snail with a curious nature. Come see for yourself.

You won’t regret it.

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