The Cerkno Museum

Cerkljanski muzej

The Cerkno region is a small link in the chain of Slovenia's prealpine foothills. Though removed from large centers and events, it nevertheless takes pride in a history lasting several thousand years. The Cerkno Museum is the only institution that is integrally studying the rich heritage of this region. With its collections, exhibitions and other activities, the Museum is enabling visitors to recognize the cultural identity of the Cerkno region. By continuously developing and broadening its activities, the museum is significantly co-creating the cultural happenings in this area.

The Cerkno Museum is housed in the building of the former courthouse, which was built just before the First World War. During the Italian occupation, it functioned as the seat of members of the financial guard and carabineers. After the Second World War, the building was occupied by the lower secondary school, and afterwards by the elementary school. The museum department was established in 1978 as the National Liberation (NOB) Department of the Idrija Municipal Museum. After its renovation in the period from 1998–1999, it was renamed the Cerkno Museum.

The Museum prepares occasional exhibitions, lectures and presentations independently or in cooperation with other organisers. It also organises museum workshops for children, and plans and conducts various programmes for visitors of the Museum, the Franja Partisan Hospital, and France Bevk's homestead in Zakojca.

Two permanent exhibitions are on display in the Museum:
- The Cerkno Region through the Centuries
- Pust is to Blame! A Story about the Laufarji from Cerkno

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Odprtje razstave čipk Podobe in prispodobe

Temporary exhibition until 01.09.2024

Cerkljanski muzej in Klekljarsko društvo Marjetica Cerkno vas v petek, 7. junija 2024, ob 19. uri vabita v Cerkljanski muzej na odprtje razstave čipk Podobe in prispodobe. Osnovna motivika letošnje...

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