Port Sunlight Museum & Garden Village

Port Sunlight Museum lies at the heart of this garden village and is an ideal place to start your visit.

Visitors to the Museum will:

- Meet the village's creator 'Soap King' William Hesketh Lever and discover his vision for the village and its residents;

- Find out about the architects who designed the houses, principal buildings and landscapes, and what influenced them;

- Experience what it was like to live and work here during the Edwardian and Victorian periods;

- Encounter character's from the village's past;

- Discover Lever's flair for advertising; and,

- Understand the terrible loss and sacrifice experienced by the village during the First World War.

Located in the original Girl's Club building on King George's Drive, Port Sunlight Museum opened its doors to the public in August 2006 replacing the long-serving Heritage Centre on Greendale Road.

The new Museum has exhibits for all types of visitor, including a reconstruction parlour room, state-of-the-art audio-visuals and interactives, a model of the village and a typical Port Sunlight house, and historical items from the village's past. It also has a well-stocked gift shop offering a wide selection of items for residents and general visitors at good prices, from pottery, linen and stationery depicting views of the village, to our very popular range of soaps - Sunlight, Lifebuoy and Pears to name but a few.

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