Hollywood Wax Museum

Hollywood Wax Museum opened in its present location on Hollywood Boulevard on February 6, 1965. For more than 45 years, guests have enjoyed the chance to get close to the stars while making a visit to the world's most famous celebrity town. You know you're in Hollywood when you spot the Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Walk of Fame, and original Hollywood Wax Museum from the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue.

Of course, the wax figures and sets have changed over the years to keep current with favorite movie stars and blockbuster films. Today, you can try your karate moves with Charlie's Angels, strike a pose with three generations of James Bond, sing for the American Idol judges, walk the red carpet with A-list stars and much more! New lifelike celebrity replicas are added regularly based on polls of our guests and quarterly votes by our entertainment industry committee.

Even before the Hollywood Wax Museum brought together uncanny likenesses of Hollywood's elite, super stars would gather at this very spot. Why? Hollywood Wax Museum is located in a historic building that was one of Hollywood's first exclusive nightspots. Established in 1930, The Embassy Club was open only to 300 top celebrities and entertainment industry executives including: Charlie Chaplin; Mary Pickford; Gloria Swanson; Gone with the Wind producer David O. Selznick; and a new star at the time, Jean Harlow, who often came with her date, Howard Hughes.

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