Hungarian Natural History Museum

Magyar Természettudományi Múzeum

The Hungarian Natural History Museum in Budapest, dating back to 1802, houses the largest natural history collections of Hungary and the region.

The Natural History Museum departing from the National Museum had no separate exhibition space up to the early '90s, and the collections were growing steadily thus all available space got overcrowded again. The Hungarian Government decided to move the Museum to the building of Ludovika Academy: a historical site built originally as the Military Academy of Hungary. Renovations of these worn buildings started but still not completed in the present (2007).

The exhibition building in Ludovika square, Budapest

Departments of Anthropology, Mineralogy and Petrology, Geology and Paleontology, and the Library is already housed in Ludovika. Furthermore, the bird and mammal collections of the Zoology department, the Molecular Genetics Lab, Paleontological Research Group and the Animal Ecology Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences/Hungarian Natural History Museum are also found here.

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Exhibitions and events

Rutile sun, moonstone, star quartz and other earthly beauties

Permanent exhibition

Dr. Josef Arnoth, mineralogist of Hungarian origin, living in Switzerland since 1956, donated several valuable collections to the Hungarian Natural History Museum in the last four years. Together...

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