Sport in Slovenia and Sport Heritage

The permanent exhibition of the Sports Museum on about 60 m2 summarizes the history of Slovenian sport from the middle of the 19th century to the present day. The exhibition is based on the photographic archive of the museum and objects acquired by the museum. Thematically, it is divided into individual sets of sports: gymnastics, athletics, team sports, cycling, water and winter sports, complemented by a panel dedicated to Stanko Bloudek, after whom the highest national award for sports achievements is named, infrastructure panel and the Olympic panel.

The exhibition space is used both as a meeting room and an event room, as it enables the organization of events with the support of audiovisual resources. Visiting the exhibition is possible only by prior arrangement.

Exhibitions and events

I used to be a gymnast. It was what I had lived for : 110th anniversary of Tabor Sports Association and 90th anniversary of Sokol Hall at Tabor

Collaboration exhibition at Sports Museum until 30.08.2030

The National Museum of Slovenia, in cooperation with the Tabor Sports Association and the Planica Sports Institute of the Republic of Slovenia - the Sports Museum, has prepared an occasional...

Football in Ljubljana until 1945

Temporary exhibition at Sports Museum until 07.12.2022

From December 2021, the Faculty of Sports of the University of Ljubljana hosts a slightly reduced photographic exhibition Football in Ljubljana until 1945, prepared by the sports Museum.

Preserving, researching, reviving: Sports heritage and the Sports Museum

Temporary exhibition at Sports Museum until 30.06.2023

In November 2022, the Slovenian School Museum and Sports Museum opened the exhibition Collecting, researching, reviving: sports heritage and the Sports Museum, by dr. Aleš Šafarič. The...

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