Seeing in the dark: Hong Kong Harbour and Lighthouses (Audio Description) 夜航明燈 香港港口與燈塔 (口述影像)

Lighthouses have been – and still are – crucial beacons for seafarers. Constructed for safety purposes, they also function as indicators of human
presence, potentially even of safe homecoming for these very seafarers. Stories related to lighthouses seem to resonate well with large and diverse
audiences. We recently experienced the popularity of this topic through exhibitions and seminars, co-organised with faculty of various departments
of City University of Hong Kong (CityU). 

Exhibitions and events

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Activities from this museum

《自然與詩心》Nature and Poetic Mind

科學與藝術 — 中韓學生書法大賽(首爾2020)邀請參賽通知 Science and Art – Korean and Chinese Students...

遐邇貫珍的西學東漸 - 燈塔

主題演講: 「遐邇貫珍的西學東漸 -  燈塔」 特邀嘉賓: 黃天教授 香港城市大學LHRC項目海事交通史專家 Location: User...

Evolution of Recording Mediums for Xiyu Pagoda Lighthouse 文献载体的變化潮流:以西屿灯塔为例

Time: 5:30pm – 6:00pm Place: The Exhibition Area outside the Si Ku Quan Shu...

Workshop and Seminar: Lights in Time

Venue:  User Education Room, Run Run Shaw Library Time:...

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