Your Incredible body

Have you ever wondered just what happens when you sneeze? Or cough? Or sweat? Well, now you can uncover the mystery at the Museum of Nature & Science’s permanent hands-on exhibit, Your Incredible Body! Calculate how much your skin weighs. Watch what happens when you sneeze. And explore the microscopic world of germs. Through 24 interactive stations, you’ll journey through the body’s maze of complex systems — each designed to keep you in balance.

Your Incredible Body uses multimedia and dynamic learning tools to help both kids and adults develop a deeper appreciation of how their bodies work. From exploring the immune and digestive systems to learning about the skin and DNA, this 2,000-square-foot exhibit is packed with fun for everyone!

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Putting DNA to work

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Paleontology Lab

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Upon arrival back at the museum, fossils collected in the field are brought to the fossil preparation laboratory. Here the specimens are carefully removed from the surrounding rock with a variety of...

Texas Dinosaurs

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Little Urban Farm

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The Farm provides children an opportunity to experience the critical ingredient that makes agriculture and husbandry viable: the element of human work. We step into what Nature provides and give our...

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