The Imperial Palace in Petropolis

The Imperial Museum is composed of 44 rooms spread over two wongs and an upper floor. The left wing and the upper floor are decorated so as to show the private quarters of the Imperial family and the right wing is mainly devoted to displays the cultural, political and economic aspects of XOX century Brazil.

The most impactant rooms and treasures are:
the room of Imperial Symbols where are D. Pedro I's gold crown and the sceptre of gold with encrusted diamonds used both by the emperor D. Pedro I and D. Pedro II. There is the pen used by Princess Isabel to sign the Lei Aurea (Golden Law), which abolished slavery in Brazil on May 13 1888, the symbol of Brazil's liberty and civil maturity.
The D. Pedro II's crown room, that shows the crown made by the goldsmith to the Imperial House Carlos Marin in 1841. It mesures 31 centimeters in height, 20.5 in diameter and weights 1.955 kilos. The gold is encrusted with 639 diamonds and 77 pearls.
D. Pedro II's Royal Robes room, composed by the majestic robe with a collar made from the throat feathers of toucans is embroidered with gold thread - armily spheres, dragons and flowers motives.

Exhibitions and events

Activities from this museum

Storyteller of the Caio Vilela book "A child's world"

Storyteller folowed by books, games and puppets exploration. At the Rocambole...

Storyteller of the Cláudia Pessoa book "Dona Saudade"

Storyteller followed by criativity workshop.

"Petropolis... my place... my garden"

Activity that shows cultural aspects of the Imperial City of Petropolis,...

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