Mountains in Motion

Up to as many as 80 viewers can watch a fascinating film in a specially built movie theatre. Lutz Maurer, the alpine specialist and director, presents a documentary that illustrates how the disaster from the 23rd of February 1999 has changed Galtür and its people. In the movie theatre, which rounds off the tour through the Alpinarium Galtür, there are also a number of other films and documentaries on the subject of mountains. Admi´dst the most modern technology wafts a breath of nostalgia: the folding seats of the former Galtür movie theatre fit in here just perfectly.

Another film that is shown at the Alpinarium Galtür also deals with motions: Those who live up in the mountains have to be prepared to move is the motto. A 25 minutes film tells the story of the many voluntary and involuntary migrations of the people in the Paznaun Valley. A small cinematic work of art that provokes both astonishment and contemplation.

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"The Wall" - Fascination snow, myth avalanche

Permanent exhibition

1999 - 2009: In the 10th year of existance, a cautious change takes place in the Alpinarium Galtür. The current exhibition "The Wall - life on the mountains" is updated and supplemented. The...

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