Pandora Gallery

The Pandora exhibition is the main attraction at the Museum of Tropical Queensland.  Visitors will be captivated by the story of the ill-fated HMS Pandora.

Pandora was the ship sent by the British Admiralty to capture the Bounty and her mutinous crew in 1790.

She was on her return voyage when the ship struck the Great Barrier Reef.  Although the crew tried desperately to save her, HMS Pandora sank in the early hours of 29 August 1791.

The wreck of HMS Pandora was rediscovered in 1977 and this exhibition provides an insight into maritime life in the 18th century, including:
- HMS Pandora, her voyage, crew and prisoners
- The terror of the prisoners held inside 'Pandora’s Box' as the ship sinks
- Unique artefacts recovered from the wreck of the HMS Pandora

First time visitors to the museum should allow at least one hour to enjoy this intriguing exhibition.

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