System Earth

Ever since its emergence, the Earth has constantly been changing. Life-forms have to adapt, while at the same time they influence the Earth’s systems themselves. The result is a highly dynamic planet, on which the living and non-living world is closely interconnected. These complex relations are shown through some examples here.

Exhibitions and events

The World of Dinosaurs

Permanent exhibition

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Museum für Naturkunde commissioned a palaeontological expedition to what is now Tanzania in Eastern Africa to excavate dinosaur fossils. It was to...

The Cosmos and Solar System

Permanent exhibition

How did the universe and our solar system come into existence? What happens inside a star? How long are Sun and Earth going to exist? The newly refurbished stairwell of the museum takes you on a...

Evolution in Action

Permanent exhibition

In this hall, evolutionary mechanisms are shown, which are responsible for the look, behaviour and diversity of animals and plants. We explain what living fossils are and why zebras have stripes....

Activities from this museum

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