This is a collection from Museo Nazionale del Cinema that is originally published on Europeana.
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La nostra marina da guerra

The clay industry in Sicily

Between the ice and snow of the tonal

Shell shock: Films shot by Professor Camillo...


Le nozze di Figaro

The little Lombard lookout

Navigation on the Nile [to be identified]

From Sorrento to Amalfi

Interplanetary marriage

L’assassinio del corriere di Lione

The bread carrier

The pilgrimage to Monte Nero

The fourth centenary coronation of our lady of...

Grand Display of Brock’s Fireworks at the Crystal...

Garden party at Villino Gastaldi in Asti on...

Filming from true, war 1914-18 [to be identified]

Dollars and fraks

A wounded heart

Beware of paint!

Vittoria o morte!

Messing up is not always easy

The masked amazon

The buttons of the braces

Chi fu il colpevole?

Robinet's car

Romeo and Juliet

Finally alone!

The two in love with Cretinetti


Polidor against his mother-in-law

L'Ave Maria di Gounod

Obbligata a farsi suora [Da identificare]

Il nuovo saluto [Da identificare]

Christmas 1939

Carnival in Turin. 1954

Silvia. School exit

Blood and mustache

Valtournenche. The works of the sip - Breda


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