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Saint Francis receiving the Stigmata

Saint Mark the Evangelist

The Duke of Orléans showing his Lover

Landscape with a Storm

Saint Francis with Stigmata, held up by an Angel

Nude Girl with Arms Outstretched

The Presentation of the Christ Child in the Temple

Man on the Street (Analysis of Volumes)

Painterly Architectonic (Still Life: Instruments)

The Virgin and Child with the Infant Saint John


Self-portrait wearing a Hat and two Chains

Young Man in a feathered Cap

Woman with a Parasol

Rue Saint-Honoré in the Afternoon. Effect of Rain

Bottle and Fruit Dish

Portrait of a Peasant

Interior of the Church at Mantes

Daniel in the Lions' Den

The Voices

Portrait of Giovanni Battista di Castaldo

The Supper at Emmaus

Portrait of a Goldsmith

Christ and the Woman of Samaria at the Well

Portrait of a Woman

Still Life

Painterly Architectonic

The Expulsion of the Money-changers from the...

Portrait of a Man

The Rest on the Flight into Egypt

Saint Joseph and the Virgin´s Suitors

The Pool at Bethesda

The Potato Eaters

Saint John the Evangelist in Patmos

The Annunciate AngelThe Crucifixion with the...

The Crucifixion

Portrait of a married Couple

The Virgin, standing, with Christ Child at her...

The Infant Christ on the Orb of the World

Woman with a Parasol in a Garden