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Hero leaves the village

Infantry waiting for the order to move up

Funny party resting after their sport making

Stunter, the clever mascot of the Tank Corps who,...

Officer and some of the men who captured Tilloy

Chaplain with a little German prisoner

These tins are put in kilns and the solder...

Scotch Officer wounded but happy with his...

Tommies bathing in the pond of a captured farm

Instructing men on how to avoid injuring horses...

Some of our latest bag in prisoners

Taking in water on the way up to the trenches

Their new home as they advance

Captured German guns, France, after August 1918

German anti-tank rifle and a British rifle,...

Bombarding the German trenches

Stack of radiators awaiting repair

Nose of a Handley-Page manned by three men

Handley-Pages setting out to bomb the Germans

King George V and Allied commanders, France,...

Repairing bridges on the Somme after the advance

Halting to refresh the horses in a stream

Strecher bearer party

Funeral of British Red Cross Nurse who was killed...

Lowering the coffin

Troops who had fought in Champagne marched past...

Village churchyard gate in Northern France

Hun humour

Cloth Hall, Ypres, Belgium, during World War I

One night's rations for a bombing squadron

Solid tyres being sent to be remade

Flooded communication trench

Lorry being landed

Water supply for the troops is perfectly wonderful

Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig with Army...

Friendly tug-of-war between a British and French...

Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig with H.R.H....

Message bearers coming down a shell shattered road

Improvised bridge across the Ancre