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Interior of the Temple of Diana at Nîmes

"Les Vessenots" in Auvers

The Blinding of Samson

The South Façade of Warwick Castle

At the Milliner's

The Smoker (Frank Haviland)

The Adoration of the Magi

The Thaw at Vétheuil

The Psyche mirror

Lot and his Daughters

The Crucifixion

Castle in a Forest

Saint Sebastian (reverse)

Frances, Countess of Dartmouth

Portrait of a Man as Saint Andrew (recto)

Dynamism of the Human Body: Boxer

Portrait of Ann Brown in the Role of Miranda (?)

Pierrot Content


View of the Ruins of Olinda, Brazil

Annunciation to Manoah´s Wife

The Meeting of Tamar and Juda

A Nymph at the Fountain (Pan, Chasing a Nymph)

Portrait of a Nobleman of the Capponi Family

Pan chasing a Nymph (verso)

The Archangel Michael overthrowing Lucifer

Painterly Architectonic

Salomon and the Queen of Sheba

The Nativity

Landscape with Tobias and the Archangel Raphael

Winter Landscape

Saint Sabinus conversing with Saint Benedict

Mary Magdalen comforted by Angels

Portrait of the Countess Maria Benedetta di San...

Gaston Bonnefoy

Young Peasant with a Flask

The Earth

The Concert

The Sacrifice of Polyxena

The Annunciation