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View of Naarden

Crossroad in a Wood

Clothing the Naked

Moonlit Landscape with a Road beside a canal

Triptych of The Holy Face

Portrait of Ruprecht Stüpf

The Virgin and Child

The Annunciation Diptych

Portrait of a Man

Portrait of a Woman

Portrait of a Man

Portrait of Ursula Rudolph

The Penitent Saint Jerome

The Virgin and Child with Angels

The Bentivoglio Family

Portrait of the Emperor Charles V

The Virgin of Humility

Portrait of a Woman of the Reuss Family

The Virgin and Child with Two Angels

Portrait of a Benedictine Abbot

Road through Fields of Corn near the Zuider Zee

Winter Landscape

Capriccio with a River and Bridge

Portrait of Ferry Carondelet with his Secretaries

The Ford

Country Wedding

Portrait of a Man

Portrait of a Man aged Forty-two

Portrait of a Woman aged Thirty

The Death of Hyacinthus

Gentleman Praying

Portrait of Antonia Canis

The Court Jester known as "Knight Christoph"

Portrait of Levinus Memminger

Saint Jerome in the Desert

The Swing

The Virgin and Child with Saints and a Donor

Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Jesus Among the Doctors

Portrait of Henry VIII of England