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Gordons preparing wire entanglements to take up...

Cavalry Officers in their bivouacs behind the line

Some Cavalry Officers in rest after the Arras...

Setting his saw

Gal. Douglas Haig

Mr. Balfour, le Gal Douglas Haig, le Gal. Wilson

Bridging a stream

Laying a light railway on which logs will be...

Fixing the cover for the engine

Cross-cutting a tree

Some of the lumbermen outside their cabin

Axeman yarning with a Frenchwoman

Rue Sadi Carnet Bethune

Showing the railway lines near the station

British troops camouflaging a road in France

Tree just falling

View in the Grand Place, Bethune

Motor machine gunner in France fixing a belt of...

Useful form of horse ambulance being used in...

Cavalry on the move

Dragon dance

Clearing the scarpe of trees

Railway trucks turned over by our shell fire

He is fond of flying

Two of our officers with a German anti-tank gun

Solder extracted from empty tins collected by the...

Vew in the German lines showing an ammunition...

Firing a machine gun at an aeroplane

Inspecting a Battalion of King's Royal Rifles

View of Blangy which we took from the Boche

Duke of Connaught in France inspecting Artillery

Prince of Wales inspecting a battalion in France

Yeast store: dug down like a dug out

Dominion journalists visit messenger dog depot in...

Montbrehain Sept - Oct. 1918

Laying a light railway over captured ground

Troops in France taking a dip near Arras

Picturesque view of the ruined town of Bethune

Machine gun instruction

Jollity Theatre