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Landscape with Poultry and Birds of Prey

The Holy Family with an Angel

Portrait of an Infanta. Catherine of Aragon (?)

Still Life with porcelain Bowl and Nautilus Cup

Portrait of a Man aged Fifty-eight

Portrait of a Woman aged Fifty-six

Panoramic Landscape with a City in the Background

Portrait of a Man (Georg Thurzo?)

Portrait of a Woman (Anna Fugger?)

Portrait of a Donor

Group of Musicians

The Naughty Drummer

Portrait of a Man

Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of Maria Rosa Walburga von Soyer

Portrait of Franz Carl von Soyer

The Virgin and the Child between Angels

Nuptial Portrait of Coloman Helmschmid and his...

The Holy Family

The Descent from the Cross

The Crucifixion

The Cook

Portrait of a Woman with a Lapdog

Wing of a Diptych with the Souls of the Just and...

The Expulsion of Hagar

Portrait of a Man

Portrait of a Man

Portrait of a Lady

The Virgin and Child between Angels and six Saints

Oyster Eaters

The Rest on the Flight into Egypt

Tavern Interior

Landscape with the Rest on the Flight into Egypt

Portrait of a Female Donor


The Annunciation

Portrait of a Young Man

The Calling of Saint Matthew

The Foot-Bridge

St. Michael expelling Lucifer and the Rebel Angels