EXHIBITS OF THE COMPLEX. Bridge over Gudyalchay river in Guba

In 1851, a wooden bridge was built over Gudyalchay in Guba. As it was made of wood, the life of this bridge was not long and in 1894 the construction of a new bridge was started. The bridge was built with baked bricks on 14 stone piers. This monument is a bridge connecting the city of Guba and Red Settlement. This bridge has been used by local and mountain Jews living here for centuries. The arched bridge is also a historical monument related to the events of the Guba genocide. Thus, local people resisted the Armenian vandals who came to Guba in the area called "40 steps" near the Arch bridge, and fought against the armed bandit Armenian gangs.
The Arched Bridge is included in the list of monuments protected by the state as an architectural monument. An archival photo of the arched bridge from the beginning of the century is located in the first part of the museum of the "Genocide Memorial Complex" in Guba, where local and foreign visitors are provided with detailed information about the arched bridge.

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