Hometown Histories (Stories Worth Remembering)

At one time, much of Ocean Township was farmland. They grew ornamental plants and produce. There were also "farm stands" selling the nursery plants and fresh produce from those farms. Today, all of the farms are gone.

Most of the farm stands are also gone, but Sunset Farm Market still exists on Sunset Avenue in Wanamassa. Frank D'Esposito and his brother Anthony "Snookie" D'Esposito have run the market that today provides nursery plants and garden supplies for professional gardeners and homeowners throughout the area.

Frank and Snookie sit down with our Hometown Histories crew to discuss growing up in Asbury Park, attending Asbury Park High School and their families long–time nursery business here in Wanamassa.

Paul Edelson, President of the Township of Ocean Historical Museum hosts this episode. Dallas Grove is the Executive Producer; Produced by Ted Dellinger; Music is by Bill Madden.

The Township of Ocean Historical Museum is a 501(c)(3) charity, and a 100% volunteer organization, that tells the story of Coastal Monmouth County, New Jersey, USA.

Funding for Hometown Histories was provided by the New Jersey Cultural Trust.
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