How to draw: Hands

Event on 23.06.2018 11:00

For centuries artists have found hands challenging to draw. This workshop gives you the opportunity to try for yourself and learn tips, while considering how artists have used hands to tell stories...

Slow art: Folding and unfolding space: Duccio's Annunciation

Event on 02.07.2018 14:00

Join Marc Woodhead to look intensely at Duccio's Annunciation as we consider the work's original meaning and explore our response to the painting. Admission £28/£27 conc./£25 Members & Patrons

How to draw: Feet

Event on 14.07.2018 11:00

Artist John Close will help you create your own drawings, based on a mixture of direct observation, personal interpretation, and invention. Admission £40/£38 conc./£36 Members & Patrons Website...

A mindful look: Botticelli

Event on 19.07.2018 14:00

Christina Bradstreet will use mindfulness techniques to guide you in looking at and discussing his paintings. Admission £16/£14 conc./£12 Members & Patrons Website...

Janina Ramirez in conversation

Event on 20.07.2018 18:30

Together they consider the evolution of the Italian and Northern Renaissances. Admission £16/£15 conc./£14 Members & Patrons Website...

The forensic eye: Titian and Veronese

Event on 21.07.2018 13:30

Learn to identify artists’ styles by examining their brushwork with expert Chantal Brotherton-Ratcliffe. Admission £48/£45 conc./£40 Members Website...

The storms of time: Art, landscape, and civilisation

Event on 23.07.2018 11:00

Over the course of three days, you will learn through lectures, Gallery tours, discussion-based teaching, slow-looking, and group conversations about the topical relevance of these paintings for us...

Art and yoga day retreat

Event on 04.08.2018 11:00

At this day retreat, Mel Sutton will guide you in introductory-level yoga stretching and Christina Bradstreet will use mindfulness techniques to guide you in looking at and discussing paintings in...

Picture of the month club: Rousseau's Surprised!

Event on 07.08.2018 12:45

Introductory level. Please bring a packed lunch. Admission £7/£6 conc./£5 Members & Patrons Website

How to draw: Cityscapes

Event on 11.08.2018 11:00

Experiment with drawing techniques including the use of line, tone, texture, and scale, as well as the principles of composition. Admission £40/£38 conc./£36 Members & Patrons Website...

Lorenzo Lotto Portraits

Event on 05.11.2018 10:00

Celebrated as one of the greatest portraitists of the Italian Renaissance, Lorenzo Lotto uniquely portrayed a cross section of middle-class sitters, among them clerics, merchants, and humanists....