Life drawing subverted: Reimagining Cézanne with SketchSesh

Event on 24.11.2018 13:30

Led by SketchSesh drawing artists James Davison and Simon Gray, this relaxed and free-flowing life drawing session will explore and subvert notions of gender and ideals of beauty. Suitable for 18+...

Rachel Maclean: In Dialogue with the National Gallery

Event on 29.11.2018 10:00

To coincide with the exhibition ‘Landseer’s The Monarch of the Glen’, this display of Scottish artist Rachel Maclean’s 2012 film ‘The Lion and The Unicorn’ shines an irreverent light on...

A long look: Pictures within a picture

Event on 03.12.2018 14:00

In this session, we muse on art that is about art and reflect on the purpose of collecting. Why did pictures of galleries flourish in 17th-century Flanders, and did they relate to actual...

Tintoretto: Fashioning artistic identity

Event on 05.12.2018 11:00

Learn about his highly innovative work for both the rich and poor of Venice at a day of talks and discussion in the lecture theatre. Admission £48.50 £45 conc £40 Members & Patrons Website...

Rachel Maclean in conversation

Event on 07.12.2018 18:30

Hear Scottish artist Rachel Maclean talk about her satirical engagement with issues of national identity and the construction of female beauty, and reflect on the dialogue between her own caustic and...

A long look: Through the looking glass

Event on 07.01.2019 14:00

In this session we contemplate Avercamp's Winter Scene with Skaters near a Castle, and consider his closeness to and distance from his subjects on the ice, as well as his view of humanity. Admission...

The artist

Event on 09.01.2019 11:00

Each week is taught by a different expert, and you learn from talks in the lecture theatre and Q&A discussion. Admission £295 £275 conc. £255 Members & Patrons Website...

Printmaking workshop: Monarch of the Glen

Event on 19.01.2019 11:00

Work with artist Thomas Gosebruch to experiment with drypoint and monotype printing, with or without an etching press. Admission £99 £95 conc. £90 Members & Patrons Website...

Experts discuss: Picturing beasts

Event on 19.01.2019 11:00

Explore sublime images of the awe-inspiring and destructive power of animals in the wild and reflect on what these paintings mean to us today. Admission £30 £27.50 conc. £25 Members & Patrons £10...

Landseer: Walk and stalk

Event on 19.01.2019 13:45

We’ll keep you toasty with a hot drink. Admission £25 £22.50 conc. £20 Members & Patronss Website

Who I really am: Haiku workshop

Event on 19.01.2019 15:30

Hear about Landseer's Monarch of the Glen from a Gallery expert, and learn how to write a haiku that conveys the characteristics of the stag. Then try your hand at writing a second haiku that...

Stubbs's anatomy: Drawing the horse

Event on 19.01.2019 15:30

Learn about George Stubbs’s revolutionary methods of capturing the anatomy of animals from art historian Nicholas Watkins, before trying your hand at drawing a horse with the help of wildlife artist...

Curators discuss: Beastly displays

Event on 20.01.2019 11:15

Join us to consider what exhibitions can tell us about man’s relationship to beast. Admission £30 £27 conc. £25 Members & Patrons £10 Students Website...

Drawing with wolves

Event on 20.01.2019 11:30

The class will be introduced to the animals with a short talk from canine behavioural scientist Natalie Lagstrom, and we’ll look in detail at their anatomy and how they’ve evolved to adapt to a...

Surprised! Poetry workshop

Event on 20.01.2019 13:45

Join poet Tamar Yoseloff who will guide you in creating your own poem inspired by Rousseau's Surprised! Admission £42.50 £40 conc. £37.50 Members & Patrons Website...

Survival of the fittest: Rousseau's Surprised!

Event on 20.01.2019 13:45

Part of the Survival! A festival of animals in art. Admission £4.50 £4 conc. £3 Members & Patrons Website

Sea Star: Sean Scully at the National Gallery

Event on 13.04.2019 10:00

In this new work Irish-born, American-based Scully (1945–) takes Turner’s atmospheric landscape as his starting point. A boy on the shore sets off for home as the sky and sea darken. For Scully, this...