Museum of African Culture

The Museum of African Culture is a museum in Portland, Maine, USA, that specializes in Sub-Saharan African tribal art and culture. Changing exhibits also include art inspired by the African diaspora, and the museum's programs include music, storytelling, films, poetry, literature, healing ceremonies and other Sub-Saharan African cultural traditions. Collections include wooden masks, figures, textiles, household objects and tools. It was established in 1998 and, as of 2010, had over 1,500 pieces of art. It is the only museum in Northern New England devoted to African arts and culture.
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Exhibitions and events

Nmuo — Spirit masks of the Nigerian Igbos

Permanent exhibition

Nmuo is an Igbo word meaning "spirit". The Igbo, of Nigeria, believe that sacred objects embody spirit beings that are effective in rituals. Rituals are used in healing the body and mind, improving...

Educational programs

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