Center for Contemporary Arts Celje

Center sodobnih umetnosti Celje

CSU is a space of contemporary art, a space of diversity and integration, which holds close the idea of equality, acceptance and cooperation. It consists of three exhibition spaces: Likovni salon, established in 1963, the Gallery of Contemporary Art, established in 1993, and the Račka Gallery, which has been active since 2005. CSU inscribes itself among the most important spaces of modern and contemporary art in the region through storage, new acquisition and occasional presentation of its permanent collection, which includes the works of artists from the Celje area, the works of Slovenian artists, as well as certain foreign guests that have taken part in the residencies in Celje. The main mission of CSU is the study, production and presentation of contemporary art. By exploring the characteristics, achievements and movements within different periods, with an emphasis on the period from the 1970s to the present, and by exploring the creative oeuvre of artists from or otherwise tied to Celje, CSU continuously follows events in the local environment, making sure that it is also visible in the wider arena.

CSU presents and highlights the diversity of the contemporary practices and topics in the exhibition spaces of the Gallery of Contemporary Art, including presentations of artists whose work is instrumental in shaping contemporary Slovenian art as well as exhibitions that connect local and international creativity. The main focus of the exhibition space in Likovni salon is the production of new projects by Slovenian and international artists as well as the exploration of topical contemporary subjects and ways of interpreting the present times. With the Račka Gallery, which is located in a former peep show and preserves its former visual appearance with minimal intervention, CSU focuses on the questions of desire and the body, emphasising the equality of diverse sexual identities and following the most important topics and ideas formed within the field of contemporary art linked to sexuality. Education programmes extend the understanding and experience of current exhibitions, whereas the AIR Celeia residency programme, which has been run since 2005, facilitates extensive networking and an ongoing flow of people, ideas, knowledge and views.

The Centre for Contemporary Arts has been operating as part of the public institute Institute Celeia Celje since 2005.

Exhibitions and events

Blue Light / Leah Clements, Martins Kohout, Marko Šajn, Ada Zielińska

Temporary exhibition until 01.09.2024

The international group exhibition questions how technological capitalism affects the everyday intimate lives of individuals, their interpersonal relationships, and the anxieties it generates. Blue...

Educational programs

We don't have anything to show you here.


We don't have anything to show you here.


2. 12. 2020


Center for Contemporary Arts Celje

Načrtovano mednarodno razstavo Razmejitve v Centru sodobnih umetnosti Celje in Koroški galeriji likovnih umetnosti na temo meja, ki smo jo zasnovali ob stoti...

5. 11. 2018

Pokaži mi nebesa, performans

Center for Contemporary Arts Celje

Vabljeni na performans v torek, 13. novembra, ob 18. uri v Galerijo sodobne umetnosti! Projekt je zasnovan na raziskavi liminalnega prostora ter dinamike, ki...

10. 10. 2018

Urška Aplinc in Maja Burja: Variable, performans

Center for Contemporary Arts Celje

Lepo vabljeni na performans v četrtek, 18. oktobra ob 18. uri v Galerijo sodobne umetnosti. »Variable je zasnovan kot avtopoetično, stalno razvijajoče se...

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