Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture

The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture has been a Washington state museum since 1899. It is located at the University of Washington campus at the intersection of N.E. 45th Street and 17th Avenue N.E. in Seattle, Washington, USA's University District. It is the only major natural history museum in the Pacific Northwest and the state's oldest museum. Its collection numbers over 12 million artifacts and specimens, including totem poles, gemstones, and dinosaur fossils.

The museum houses more than 12 million artifacts and specimens in its anthropology, biology, and geology research divisions. Highlights include:

- The nation's fifth largest collection of Northwest Coast and Alaskan Native art

- The world's largest collection of spread bird wings (a technique that Burke pioneered)

- The world's second largest collection of frozen bird tissues for genetic research

- One of the largest collections of Northwest plants and fungi

- Over one million archaeological artifacts, including extensive collections from Washington state sites around Puget Sound and the Columbia River

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Exhibitions and events

Life and Times of Washington State

Permanent exhibition

Life and Times of Washington State is a hands-on adventure that begins 545 million years ago. Richly exotic, yet strangely familiar, this exhibit is a passport through the evolution of our state's...

Pacific Voices

Permanent exhibition

The Pacific Northwest is home to a rich tapestry of cultures. In Pacific Voices, you'll learn about seventeen different Pacific Rim cultures and how they adapt and remain vibrant in a changing...

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