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Titus Flavius Demetrios: Dying in Ancient Egypt

Event on 21.04.2018 14:30

Join us for a panel discussion about the role of art and ritual in death for ancient and Ptolemy-era Egyptians and how this resonates through other cultures to the present day. Titus Flavius...

Whakapakoko rākau: Capturing god

Event on 12.05.2018 14:30

Join us we explore the role of religion and belief in the development of art and civilisations. Through an informal panel discussion multi-faith perspectives on the role of art and religion in the...

Silent Disco

Event on 19.05.2018

Silent Disco Admission TBC

Conserving cultures in the 21st Century

Event on 23.06.2018 10:30

Join Ipswich Museum's conservator, Robert Entwistle, has he explores the process and methods used to maintain and care for our north American first nations collection. Ipswich has a fine, but small,...

3D scanning and the objects that didn’t make it

Event on 14.07.2018 14:30

Join our Collections and Learning Team as we show you the objects that were selected, but didn’t make it onto the BBC Civilisations app and the reasons for their exclusion. Objects include: Riji,...

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We don't have anything to show you here.

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