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The world's greatest museum of art and design. Our collections are unrivalled in their diversity. Explore historical and contemporary art and design, including works of art from many of the world's richest cultures.

The V&A has unrivalled collections of contemporary and historic art and design. It houses some of the world's greatest resources for architecture, fashion, photography, theatre and performance, sculpture, contemporary design, ceramics, Asian art and design, furniture, textiles, jewellery, metalwork and many more.

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Eduardo Paolozzi and the Influence of Childhood Cultures

Event on 20.01.2018 11:00

Celebrate the playful incongruity of Eduardo Paolozzi’s work with childlike curiosity. Considering the influence of childhood cultures on his work, gain privileged access to the intriguing objects of...

Power and Prestige in 16th and 17th Century Mughal South Asia

Event on 03.02.2018 11:00

Tracing their lineage from both Chinghis Khan and Timur, the Mughal dynasty (1526-1858) at its greatest extent ruled over the entire South Asian region and its rulers created one of the most...

Display: architecture designed by and for deaf and disabled people

Event on 10.02.2018

At the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the display will focus on the design of a number of different buildings that have been shaped by the needs of deaf and disabled people. These include a...

A History of Irish Art

Event on 10.03.2018 11:00

Supported by contextual and historical information, this course will trace the history of Irish art from c.3300 BC to the present day. Covering a range of historical objects, paintings, manuscripts...

Art Glass and Glass Artists: Chemists, Craftsmen, Visionaries

Event on 21.04.2018 11:00

Glass is one of the oldest man-made materials and certainly the most mysterious. Neither solid, liquid nor gas, neither crystal nor stone, it exists in a state of its own; smooth and hard, it is also...

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