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The world's greatest museum of art and design. Our collections are unrivalled in their diversity. Explore historical and contemporary art and design, including works of art from many of the world's richest cultures.

The V&A has unrivalled collections of contemporary and historic art and design. It houses some of the world's greatest resources for architecture, fashion, photography, theatre and performance, sculpture, contemporary design, ceramics, Asian art and design, furniture, textiles, jewellery, metalwork and many more.

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Cultural Enterprise: Income Generation for Museum and Galleries

Event on 18.10.2017 10:30

Cultural organisations are increasingly being tasked with generating income but how we learn how to identify and monetise our assets? Led by specialist staff from the V&A, it considers a selection of...

Gothic to Goth

Event on 21.10.2017 11:00

From Mary Shelley to Marilyn Manson, the term โ€˜Gothicโ€™ has been enigmatic, combining horror and romance, darkness and mystery. The Romantic Movementโ€™s rejection of Enlightenment reason embraced the...

Placing Performance in the Museum

Event on 27.10.2017 10:30

The V&Aโ€™s Theatre & Performance collections are an incredible resource that document the history of performing arts, including drama, dance, opera, costume, set design and current practice. Placing...

How to Organise an Exhibition

Event on 01.11.2017 10:30

Delivered by members of the V&Aโ€™s Exhibitions department, the course will use a range of recent V&A exhibitions as case studies to explore the key elements involved with managing an exhibition, from...

Small is Beautiful: Miniature Objects and Why We Love Them

Event on 04.11.2017 11:00

From the power of a portrait miniature to the delight inspired by turning a snuff box around in your hands, objects we hold or wear can conjure up strong emotions. Explore and handle a range of...

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