Natural History Museum Leipzig

Naturkundemuseum Leipzig

Collecting, researching, and preserving

NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM Leipzig is the place of collecting, exploring and preserving the natural resources of north-western Saxony in the fields: geology, botany, zoology and archeology.

It sees itself as an education and meeting of interested in natural history all walks of life.
Scientifically working regional trade groups, such as geologists, botanists, ornithologists and many more meet regularly at the Natural History Museum and engage in interesting lectures or exciting excursions through.
Our teachers work together with schools, day care centers, vocational schools and special schools. There are joint projects with the Central Library for the Blind. Also, there are collaborations with integration initiatives, where immigrants learn our language by performing scientific topics. Particular mention was the use at the bedside in critically ill children in cooperation with the University Hospital Leipzig. The goal is the positive impact on the recovery process.

The collections of the Natural History Museum contain a variety of valuable scientific exhibits. Among numerous tangible witnesses are from the destroyed by domestic coal mining landscapes as well as evidence of extinct or endangered species of flora and fauna. For the museum's collection also includes numerous image documents the development of Saxon life and natural areas since the late 19th century. The library with a stock of more than 17,000 printed materials is also available to the public.

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