Museum of Ribnica

Muzej Ribnica

The first exhibition of traditional wooden ware and pottery was opened for public in 1961. In 1990’s the museum activity expanded, and at present it studies and presents the entire history of the Ribnica Valley and its surroundings.

In addition to the already mentioned exhibition “Traditional Wooden Ware and Pottery”, the Museum also hosts the following exhibitions: “Ribnica – Greatness in Smallness” – historical overview of the local history; “Bitter Fight against Foul Witches” – exhibition of witchcraft processes; and “Between Hammer and Anvil” – reconstruction of a smith’s workshop from the vicinity of Ribnica.

The two art collections of the Miklova House Gallery focus primarily on the contemporary Slovenian fine art production. The Ribnica Art Collection houses the most important art works from the second half of 1980’s and the beginning of 1990’s. The Didactic Art Collection was established in cooperation with ZDSLU and presents the various techniques and styles, as well as the most prominent authors of the Slovenian fine art production.

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