National Ethnographic Museum

Национален етнографски музей

The Ethnographic Institute and Museum (EIM) is a specific unit within the system of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, where the science ethnology is developing as well as the preservation of cultural and ethnographic treasures of Bulgarians from the past.

EIM has 13 museum funds, a scientific archive, a library, a photo studio, an artistic studio, a restoration and conservation studio, as well as a publishing centre with specialized computer software.

More than 50 000 museum objects are stored in the museum funds (fabrics, embroideries, carpets, costumes, jewels, pottery, wood-carvings, wrought copper, ritual art, icons and musical instruments). Part of them belongs to the rich collection originating from Bulgarians now living beyond the political frontiers - in Macedonia, the Western Parts, North Dobrudzha and Banat. The scientific archive has more than 5 000 archival units which amount to about 500 000 typewritten pages, 100 000 negatives and 5200 old photographs and portraits. The specialized library features more than 25 000 publications, some of them unique in the country.

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