National Gallery of Macedonia

Национална галерија на Македонија

The permanent display is located in the National Gallery of Macedonia, which was founded in 1948 and is today one of the oldest art institutions in the Republic of Macedonia. It is housed in a cultural-historical monument of the Islamic profane architecture - Daut Pašin Amam. The object - bath is composed of male and female departments covering an area of 900m2, erected by Daut Paša in the second half of the 15th century. With its permanent display the National Gallery once again confirms its major role in the Macedonian fine art as the centre and evaluating substrate which is presenting itself to both the domestic and foreign public.

The National Gallery of Macedonia that now consists of three more objects (Chifte Hamam, Multimedia center “Mala stanica” and the house-museum of Lazar Licenoski) promotes all kinds of art manifestations. The responsibilities of the Gallery are care and affirmation of our rich cultural heritage, and in the same time, with our excellent annual programs, we realize and promote serious projects from the recent, postmodern and youngest art scene in Macedonia. On the other side, we offer to the public interesting overview of the most important achievements of the individuals or groups from abroad. Internationally, the National Gallery of Macedonia collaborates with renown world centers: Vienna, Venice, Berlin, Istanbul, Dresden, Nurnberg and others.

Along with the permanent display the National Gallery of Macedonia also has other collections:

- Collection of Macedonian Drawings

- Collection of Macedonian Graphic Art

- Collection of former Yugoslavian artists

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