Regional Museum of Danilovgrad

Zavičajni muzej Danilovgrad

The cultural activity of Danilovgrad is conducted within the centre for Culture, including the Regional Museum. The Museum is placed within the Summer Residence of the Prince Nikola I Petrović, built between 1873 and 1893.

The Homeland Museum of Danilovgrad was established in 1960. Until 1965, when it was opened to the public, it served exclusively as a depot for keeping museum items. It contains highly valuable exhibits: national costumes, various types of weapons, decorations, coats-of-arms, photographs and documents linked to the history of the Danilovgrad area. Although a part of the ethnographic materials was purchased, most of the holdings were offered as gifts.

The cultural and historic picture of the Danilovgrad area is presented by the permanent display. Museum items are systematised into collections: the archaeological, the numismatic, the ethnographic, the collection of weapons and accessories, decorations, coats-ofarms, photographs and documents.

The archaeological collection is of particular value. It was established mostly from the items found in the sites within this area. Here there are two finds from the Roman era. As for this collection, the most interesting items were found in Martinića gradina, in the immediate vicinity of Danilovgrad, from early Middle Ages.

The display contains: the reconstruction of an early Christian basilica from this site, capitals, Roman tombstone, skyphos, Illyrian weapons, medieval swords belonging to the Bosnian King Tvrtko I Kotromanić, a column from the altar piece from Šipkova glavica.In addition to a set of sumptuous Montenegrin costumes, the ethnographic collection holds unique stone chains which won the first prize at the Crafts Exhibition held in Podgorica in 1934.

Among other exhibits, there is a troop flag from the battle at Vučji do in 1876, as well as numerous decorations.

As a special curiosity, there are at display the ritual book and the cross of the Priest Đorđe Kalezić, taking part in the People’s Liberation Struggle.

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