Municipal Museum Blatna

Municipal Museum Blatna is today part of culture organisation Center of culture and education Blatna. The museum's collections consist of archeological, historical, ethnographical, numismatical, photographical and art collection.

It was founded like district museum in 1922. Basis of museum´s collection was archeological collection from Josef Siblík, director of municipal school in Blatná and first director of District Museum in Blatná. Museum was situated in the building of municipal school, but it had to move in the year 1937 to the building no. 322 (today´s town hall). In the first years the museum collected cca 10 000 artefacts from whole region.

Museums´collections were moved one more time to the premises of old palace in the castle Blatna. Last director of museum Jan Pavel Hille died in 1943 and museum was without director or administrator to the year 1953, when Josef Bouček started work like administrator of museum. Museums´collections were damagede by moving and unsatisfactory premises of old palace and that is why Josef Bouček left work and Karel Rataj started work like administrator of museum.

Museum and its collections still degeneraced to the year 1973, when museum was closed for revision all collection. Part of museums´ collection was lost. In the year 1979 the museum has been restored and director was appointed Karel Petrán. He built the first permanent exhibition. After the year 1989 museum was move to the building no. 212, where it is situated for today.

Museum was incorporated to Center of culture and education in the year 2012. Today in the building are situated administrative rooms, permision of permanent exhibition, which was built between the years 2016 and 2020, and library. Museum is preparing short term exhibition, outdoor exhibition and culture action.

Exhibitions and events

Museum by All Senses

Permanent exhibition

Exhibition Museum by All Senses doesn´t hide only the history of the region in collection of artefacts, but also the experience of discovering of the history of the town Blatná and the region. Only...

Educational programs

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