Diegorose Contemporary Art Gallery

The Diegorose concept is born from the mind of Rafael Ontiveros, Plastic Artist followed
by her co-founder Sara de los Cobos, Visual Artist; with the intention of showing
to the world quality art pieces of local and international artists, contemporary
art exhibitions and workshops ideal for all who seeks to immerse himself with them
in this small but substancious space where good taste and love are present for that
which as human beings we can afford to get and appreciate: art. The works exhibited in Diegorose are fresh, emblematic and always tell a story, their contemporaneity makes them ideal to decorate any space or create a unique and exclusive art collection.

Exhibitions and events


Collaboration exhibition until 21.07.2018

We have the honor to recieve this time the art of Omar Benítez, Rafael Ontiveros, Adrián Ro, Feyo, Rodrigo Oñate "Roco" and emergent artist Lobo de Orión.  The great Dj Calavera will join us...

Educational programs

We don't have anything to show you here.


We don't have anything to show you here.

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