Museo di Archeologia Ligure

The Museo di Archeologia Ligure, located in Villa Durazzo Pallavicini, one of the most amazing villas in the Genoa’s Riviera, is about the ancient past of the country and the origins of the city. Its collection is related with local history, illustrating the story of Liguria from the Ice Age to the Roman period.

The first archaeology collection of the city is from 1892, with “Mostra di Arte Antica”, organized for the Columbus’ Celebration of the year. Then the first permanent location is in Palazzo Bianco and after in Villetta di Negro; the museum opened in his nowadays location in 1936, thank to Luigi Cardini. The objects are from private collections, like the one of Prince Odone di Savoia, donations, for example the Pasherienaset’s sarcophagus gifted by Emanuele Figari, in 1931, and from the excavations in the Ligurian caves.

In 2016 the exhibition area was improved with the re-open of the second floor, dedicated at the Roman Conquest of the country. Since 2007, the “Grotta dell’Archeologia”, with her educational programs using experimental archeology, offers to the visitors the possibility of a time travel.

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