The Marble Interpretation Centre is conceived as a future cultural space where history, tradition, innovation
and coexist harmoniously to offer an insight into the culture of Macael marble.

Has a triple role as a visitor reception center, tourist information point and interpretive space that allows a contextualization of culture Macael marble.
Inside are 22 panels with information in Spanish and English, which help interpret the Culture of Marble Macael. Starting with their traditions and history, continuing through different geological aspects and status of the areas where the quarries are located, by the methods and tools that were traditionally used both in its extraction and processing, developments in the transport of the material, the physical characteristics of marble blocks, the process of modern extraction, ecological-landscape restoration of quarries and waste dumps, the methods used in the different types that are distinguished in the subsector of the present transformation factories produced, mill stone and crafts workshops, the presence of Marble Macael in famous buildings throughout history and around the world, and ending with a look to the future with innovation in the stone industry, and artificial stone.

Exhibitions and events

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Educational programs

I Gymkhana "the knowledge of the quarryman"


Consists of the kids to find, in groups, answers a series of questions that is related to the culture of the marble and they have seen during their visit. Takes into account the time it takes to...


We don't have anything to show you here.

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