Lange Max Museum

Former largest German cannon from the First World War.
The Lange Max Museum is a must-see place for the World War I tourist on the German side of the western frontline. The farmyard is the centre of this curtural and touristic location.

A long lane takes you from the farmyard to the remains of the artillerie platform of the former German cannon 'Lange Max'.

In a brand new contemporary museum, the visitor learns all about the huge cannon that was designed to bombard Dunkirk and Ypres.

The German occupation of Koekelare gets full attention. A unique exhibition tells you all about the organisation behind the frontline. The production of army goods ran at full speed in Koekelare.

The little bakehouse still contains traces of the German presence and is redesignated as a multi-media room. You can relax on a cosy terrace enjoying a 'Kanonbier' or homemade pancakes.

The Lange Max Museum occupies a unique place in the landscape of the Great War museums. This is because the museum especially pays attention to the German side.

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