Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies/ KSEVT

Kulturno središče evropskih vesoljskih tehnologij

KSEVT is an institute with an intent to initiate and facilitate space culturalization research and development activities by means of intellectual and artistic investigation and cross-discipline activities. Its secondary activity is that of a museum that acknowledges space research and its implications at the cultural production layer – it creates an in-depth environment for contemporary and historical intercultural scientific investigation. Through disseminating knowledge – devoted to space culturalization – to a larger public with publishing and educational activities, even with an engaged production of exhibitions and events there is a regular contact with various types of public taking place. The third main activity of KSEVT is a laboratory for practical, informal educational activities which are often connected to exhibitions, where younger generations can recreate smaller technological objects and learn about space research.

Exhibitions and events

Herman Potočnik Noordung: 100 monumental influences

Permanent exhibition

”Exhibition on Potočnik mainly presents an idea of humanization in technological development. It is a sum of influences on Potočnik’s biography and of influences his work has had in the...

Educational programs

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We don't have anything to show you here.

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