Bežigrad Gallery 1, Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana

Bežigrajska galerija 1, Muzej in galerije mesta Ljubljane

Established in 1976, the Bežigrad Gallery 1 is intended to host smaller overview exhibitions as well as exhibitions of visual and concrete poetry.

In late August each year, the exhibition Od skice do lutke (From a Sketch to a Puppet) is staged. Although the exhibition is mainly intended for children, it always attracts a large number of adults as well. The exhibition aims to present those visual artists who are also involved either in creating puppets or sketches for puppets and puppet theatres. The exhibition is also accompanied by video projections of puppet shows and art workshops. This exhibition has been held annually since 1981. 

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Franci Zagoričnik (1933–1997) Podobe besed 1962–1997

Temporary exhibition until 30.06.2017

Pregledna razstava vizualne poezije, knjig, zbornikov, fotografij, lepljenk, umetnost po pošti enega izmed najpomembnejših avantgardnih umetnikov prejšnjega stoletja, je dvaindvajseta razstava, ki...

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