Rogatec Open-Air Museum

Muzej na prostem Rogatec

The Middle Styrian farm house of the sub-Pannonian type consists of the following original buildings: dwelling-house, outhouse – štala, double drying-rack (kozolec) – toplar, and pigsty – štalunci. They were transported in 1980’s. Soon they were followed by other reconstructions: well štepih na čapljo, beehive, vinedresser’s cottage, wine trellises, forge, former country shop lodn and stonecutter’s cottage housing a permanent exhibition of the unique local stonecutting craft.

The Open-Air Museum Collection preserves the local building heritage and the cultural tradition of the Obsotelje region inhabitants from the 19th to the middle of the 20th century. The idea, originally put forward by local inhabitants, of preserving the birth house of the poet Jože Šmit eventually transgressed into the greatest open-air museum in Slovenia. In 1997, it was nominated for the European Museum of the Year, and is nowadays known as a cultural monument of national importance.

Visitors can participate in attractive experiential and learning workshops, and in ethnographical exhibitions of crafts, customs, habits and works.

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Delavnica Gremo delat...


Gremo delat... senčno uto, igralno hiško ali morda ograjo iz vrbovega šibja? V naših krajih se je gojenje vrbe in pletarstvo v preteklosti razvijalo kot gospodarska dejavnost...


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