Victoria Gallery & Museum

Opened to the public in 2008, the Victoria Gallery & Museum is housed in the stunning architecture of the University of Liverpool's famous 'redbrick' building.


Spanning the 16th to 21st centuries, the art collection comprises more than 6,500 items of fine art, sculpture, furniture, ceramics, glass and silverware. The collection includes works by Joseph Wright of Derby, JMW Turner, Jacob Epstein, Lucien Freud, Elizabeth Frink and the American wildlife artist, John James Audubon.

The galleries divide to the east and west end of the building. At the east you can see the ceramic collection, donated to the University by Sir Charles Sydney Jones, and the sculpture collection.

The main galleries lead off the west corridor; a series of exciting individual spaces waiting to be explored. Here you will find the Audubon gallery and further treasures from the permanent collections.

A programme of temporary exhibitions of various art forms is scheduled for the year.


The Tate Hall Museum, a large Gothic style hall on the second floor, showcases material from wide ranging University museum collections.

Highlighting the innovation and excitement of academic discovery and the history of teaching, the collection includes a number of objects relating to innovation and research in areas such as anaesthesia, dentistry, archaeology, zoology, engineering and oceanography.

Exhibits include sea creatures and animal skeletons from an early 20th century zoology museum, fossils of footprints from extinct dinosaur ancestors, a display of calculators from the 19th century to the present day and X-rays from the beginning of X-ray technology.

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